About Us

  • Wakefield Elementary School

About Us

At WES, we strive to be a diverse and inclusive community of learners who inspire each other to find success. We are committed to working together to bring out the best in each other; valuing a strong academic foundation and developing our full potential through creativity, healthy choices and personal growth.


Inspiring Learners to Succeed


Be Yourself, Better Yourself, Believe in Yourself


At WES, we value the 3 B’s:  Be Yourself, Better Yourself, Believe in Yourself

Be Yourself:

  • Be kind and caring
  • Be a positive influence
  • Be curious about the world around you
  • Respect and appreciate nature
  • Have fun and persevere

Better Yourself:

  • Challenge yourself to learn
  • Set your goal, follow your goal
  • Be active and make healthy choices
  • Connect and contribute locally and globally

Believe in Yourself:

  • Nurture a community that feels like a family where everyone belongs
  • Try something new everyday
  • Foster friendships
  • Find your own path