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Our Logo

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The Wakefield School logo was designed based on a student-led logo initiative. The wolf symbolizes nature and the environment, intelligence, strength of character, and working as a team/community/family. The covered bridge is a recognized landmark of Wakefield village and community—the home of Wakefield School. Chosen colours were red and grey/black.

The young wolf cub is the young child at school: curious, bright, characterful, active and inspired. The older wolf is teacher, mentor, parent, senior student: positively nurturing, guiding, challenging the two wolves represent the Wakefield School family or community.

Completing the logo is the striking red front and grey roof of the Wakefield School building which was designed to replicate elements of the covered bridge. The grey ‘W’ reflects the posts and criss-crossing bars (inspired by the bridge) seen at the front of the school.