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  • Wakefield Elementary School

  • August Newsletter

    August 2019

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome back everyone!  What a beautiful summer we have had, and I hope that you enjoyed a wonderful holiday with your family. We are all very excited to be back.  Last year was a very successful academic year for our school, with high results in the areas of English, Math and French, particularly with the June exams.  Our mission statement is Inspiring Learners to Succeed, and we look forward to continuing this trend...

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  • Last Day!

    June 21st is the last day of school and daycare!

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  • Grade 6 Trip

    Grade 6 students will spend the day at Mont Cascades on June 20th followed by a sleepover at the school.

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  • Year-End Assembly and Grade 6 Grad

    Our year-end assembly followed by Grade 6 graduation will begin at 1pm on June 19th in the gym. A letter will be sent home to the parents of any students who are receiving an award.

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  • K5 Trip

    Our K5 classes will visit the Museum of Nature on June 13th.

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  • Grade 5 Trip

    Both Grade 5 classes will spend the day at the Cascades Club on June 13th.

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  • Governing Board

    The final Governing Board meeting of this school year takes place on June 10th at 5:30pm in the library.

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  • Cycle 2 Trip

    Cycle 2 will be heading to St. Brigid’s Camp on June 7th for their year-end trip.

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  • Home and School

    Home and School will meet on June 6th at 6pm in the library.

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  • Classes with Mr Earwaker

    Mr. Earwaker will be working on environmental studies with the Grade 1 classes June 3rd and 12th, and our K5 classes on June 10th and 11th.  Ms. Lara’s Grade 6 class will be camping overnight June 4th-5th at McGlashan Lake with Mr. E. Madame Serre’s class will follow on June 6th-7th.

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