Parent Involvement

  • Wakefield Elementary School

Parent Involvement

Parents have an important role to play at school and there are many ways to be involved in your child’s school life.


There are many areas of school life that involve parent volunteers: field trips, class visits, working in the library, special fundraising events, head checks, and various committees. Our school is known for an active parent  community! A parent must have a recent criminal background check in order to volunteer at school, and this application can be done through the office.

Field Trips:

Every class has the opportunity to experience at least one field trip each year with their teachers, and parent volunteers are most welcome.

Special Events:

There are many times throughout the year when special events are planned for the students, such as artists and musicians, guest speakers and presenters, and special events.   As well, if parents have specific talents to share, we would be interested!  Please contact your child’s teacher.


There are different committees that parents can participate in.  Governing Board, Playground, Home and School are examples.  For more information, please contact the school.