Health and Safety

  • Wakefield Elementary School

Health and Safety

Your Child’s Health and Safety at School and Daycare

Your school day and school year will run more smoothly and be more rewarding if you follow these helpful suggestions:

  • Have everything you need for the day packed and ready the night before.
  • Have a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast.
  • Arrive at school on time.
  • Use your agendas to note all assignments and projects and the
    requirements for them, including the due date. It can also be used to
    communicate between home and your teachers.
  • Try not to miss school unless you are ill. Good attendance helps you do
  • Take advantage of any extra opportunities for help that are being offered
    during the lunch hour or after school.
  • Practice attentive listening, read your teacher’s comments on your work and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Be certain that your wishes and behavior do not interfere with the right of others to work in a positive, productive environment.
  • Be involved in all of the fun and exciting things to do at school.
  • Parents can always contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.


School hours are from 8:05am to 2:40pm. All students are required to be in their Homeroom by 8:10 for daily attendance. Office staff will be calling home to check on students who are not present in the classroom if parents have not called to report their child’s absence.

Arriving late to school:

If your child is arriving to school after 8:10am, they will be singed in by a staff member.

End of Day Procedures:

For end of day changes to your child’s routine (daycare, student is walking, being picked up, leaving early), please notify the office in writing in advance. Should someone other than a parent/guardian be picking up a student, the office must be notified in writing by either a personal note, fax or email.


It is important to note that we do have students with life threatening allergies in the school, so Wakefield Elementary is a NUT FREE SCHOOL.

When Children Are Sick:

Please be sure to complete your child’s Emergency Medical Form at the beginning of the school year with current phone numbers for yourself and emergency contacts. If your child has any health concerns, this should be flagged to the office or principal. Please report your child’s absence if they are sick. Students who become ill during the day will be sent to the office to be checked and then parents may be called for the students to be picked up.

Prescription Medication for Students:

Please be aware that in order to give prescription medication to students, we require the parents to complete the “Request for Administration of Medication at School” form. Please do not send in medication with students. For safety of all our students, medicine needs to be dropped off at the front office. We are not permitted to administer nonprescription drugs such as aspirin and cough syrup.


Parents will be notified at once. If we cannot get in touch with a parent, the emergency number will be called.

If the accident is severe and the School /Daycare feels that the child should receive immediate medical attention, an ambulance will be called. The parent or emergency contact will be informed to meet the staff member at the hospital.

Should an ambulance be required, it will be the parents’ responsibility to defray the cost.

Parents should note that the only health and accident insurance which applies to students is the normal coverage under the Québec Health Insurance Plan. The School Board does not carry additional coverage for injuries or illnesses which occur in the School or Daycare, and which could lead to ambulance transportation, dental care or any other expenses not covered by Québec Medicare.

School Visits:

When visiting in the school, we request that you sign in with the office as you arrive and pick up a visitor pass. This identifies you as a guest to our staff and students.

School Closure due to Inclement Weather:

In the event of buses or classes being cancelled due to inclement weather or bad road conditions, parents should listen for an announcement on the radio or check the WQSB website. The radio announcement will come from the Western Quebec School Board. No phone calls will be made to parents. You can also follow on Twitter (see twitter feed on right)

For emergency school closing after the students have arrived due to bad road conditions or for any other reason where it is necessary to close the school early, you will then be contacted by phone.

Emergency Procedures:

We practice several drills throughout the school year in order to be prepared for different situations: Lock In, Lock Out, Lock Down. The staff and students practice these drills several times a year as per board policy.

Information will go home at the beginning of the year.