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Artists in the School

Date: May 4, 2016 Author: johanne Categories: News

Local artist Marc Walter recently worked with our grade 4 classes. They painted and built garden boxes, a scarecrow and birdhouses. They painted motifs and lettering on decorative wood and leveled the ground as well as filled the boxes. The students used teamwork to learn the various steps as well as the hard work and patience it takes to build a garden. The garden was constructed from mostly recycled materials, a very important issue to the students. Still to come: planting our garden.

ArtistSchool ArtistSchool2 ArtistSchool3Marc also worked with our 5/6 classes to create sculptures with elements from nature which are also on display near the garden at the front of the school.

We enjoyed an interactive presentation by Peter Joynt, an Ottawa rapper who has a pronounced stutter in conversation but disappears when he performs.  He spoke to the students about being positive and resilient, about rapping and his stutter, about doing anything you want with the right mindset. PeterJoynt