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Newsletter- May 1, 2017

Date: May 9, 2017 Author: Julie Fram-Greig Categories: News

FROM THE PRINCIPAL: The month of May is a busy one as we start to gear up for the end of the school year. There are a few important events happening:
End of year ASSESSMENTS- there are many different assessments going on at this time of year as we come to the end of the grade and report cards. Please see the chart on page 3 of this newsletter for the different assessments.
As a parent, there are a few things that you can be doing to ensure your child’s success: be on time for school. Be well rested. Have a good breakfast. These are a few things that optimize a student’s conditions for learning.
IEPs (Individual Education Plan)- a few students in our school require an IEP. Teachers will be creating IEPs for next year through the month of May. Parents, you will be called in for a meeting towards the end of May/beginning of June to review this new IEP with teachers, add input and sign.
Lastly, mark your calendars! Our Year-end Assembly and Grade 6 Graduation will be on Tuesday, June 20th at 1pm. Details to follow.

NATIONAL ART GALLERY On Tuesday, May 2nd Cycle 1.2 (Grade 2) will be visiting the National Art Gallery. Cycle 1.1 (Grade1) will follow on Wednesday, May 3rd.

PD DAYS Friday, May 5th and 26th are PD days. The daycare will remain open to those who are preregistered. The deadline for May 5th is Tuesday, May 2nd and the deadline for May 26th is Friday, May 12th.

INUIT WORKSHOP Cycle 2.1 and 2.2 (Grades 3+4) will have an Inuit Games workshop presented by the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre on May 16th.

ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES WITH MR. EARWAKER Ms. Welburn’s Grade 1-2 class will be visiting Mr. Earwaker’s outdoor centre at MaGlashan Lake on Monday, May 15th. Mr. Earwaker will be in the school on Tuesday, May 16th to work with Madame Doucet’s Cycle 1.1 class. He will return on Tuesday, May 30th to spend the day with Madame Natalie’s K5 class and May 31st for Madame Aubrey’s class.

HOLIDAY The school and daycare will be closed on Monday, May 22nd for Victoria Day.

Learn Quebec is a great FREE tutoring service in all subject areas starting at the Grade 2 level. Please see the attached flyer for details and a link to their website. Tutoring is free and offered by Quebec teachers online- also for French! Your child has their Learn username and password on a sticker in the front of their agenda. springtutoring2017_rectoverso

May is Wellness month at Wakefield School! Students will participate in classes with fitness instructor Roger Lavallee on Monday and Friday afternoons and Liz Peters will be doing sessions on healthy choices and the impact of sugar on our daily lives with Cycles 2 and 3. We will be stressing an importance on physical activity, balanced eating and outdoor activities throughout the month.