Governing Board

  • Wakefield Elementary School

Governing Board

Governing Board elections 2019-20 information:  wes-agm-2019

The Governing Board plays a vital role in school governance.

It includes elected parents, teachers,  support staff, community representatives and the principal. This group works in partnership to ensure that all students receive the best possible learning opportunities.

Meeting time and dates are announced in the school newsletters and listed below.

The Quebec Education Act mandates that parents are elected to a two year term on the Governing Board, which works with the Principal, teachers and staff to meet the needs of students. The Governing Board holds certain decision making powers and the group discusses and adopts the school’s success and strategic plan, the annual budget, certain school policies – and all decisions made in the best interests of the students.

Governing Board meetings are open to the public. A Voice of the Public agenda item is included for guests to raise policy issues or questions (arranged with chair in advance).

Meeting minutes are posted once they are approved.

Governing Board members are expected to respect the Internal Rules of Management and Good Governance

For more information, please consult: The Governing Board: At the Heart of the School.

2019-2020: Governing Board Membership

  • Stephanie Mullen-Kavanagh, Chair
  • Julie Fram Greig, Principal
  • Talia Kelly, Teacher
  • Sarah McGuire, Support Staff Representative
  • Sara Conway, Teacher
  • Sarah Marie Clarke, Parent
  • Bronwyn Rayfield, Parent
  • Martin Morrisette, Parent
  • Line Menard, Parent
  • Emily Parker, Teacher
  • Jacqueline Corado, Community Representative

Meeting Dates: 2019-2020

Meetings are held in the Library on Wednesdays as listed below and starting time is 5:30pm

  • Sept 26
  • Oct 30
  • Dec 5
  • Feb 5
  • Mar 18
  • Apr 29
  • June 10