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Principal’s Message

Date: August 23, 2019 Author: Julie Fram-Greig Categories: Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

Welcome back everyone!  What a beautiful summer we have had, and I hope that you enjoyed a wonderful holiday with your family. We are all very excited to be back.  Last year was a very successful academic year for our school, with high results in the areas of English, Math and French, particularly with the June exams.  Our mission statement is Inspiring Learners to Succeed, and we look forward to continuing this trend of success while fostering a sense of community and a love for learning with every student.

Staff Changes:  Madame Doucet is taking a sabbatical and Mme Sylvie has a new job as a French consultant with the school board for this year. Ms Lara and Mme Natalie have moved schools and we wish them well, and Kim in daycare is extending her learning by taking classes this fall.  We have a new K4 team of Jan Alisappi and Amy Frost.  Manon Roux will be replacing in Grade 1 and Monique Camirand will return to Grade 3.  Shannon Langlois comes to us from Queen E and will be teaching Grade 4. Welcome to Samantha Winsor who joins us to do Grade 2 ELA and resource. Welcome to Wakefield, we are so happy to have you on our team!  The team of aides this year working with our students will be Christine Redl and Sarah McGuire.  In daycare, our wonderful team is back:  Nancy, Samantha, Sarah, Nic and Michelle.  Samantha Gowan will be the daycare technician, and Linda Spallin and Michelle Labranche will be our office support staff.

Here are the teaching teams for this year:

K-4 :  Jan Alisappi and Amy Frost

K-5: Carla Aubrey and Sara Conway

Grade 1:  Kelly Peskett, Manon Roux, Darlene Badger

Grade 2:  Christine Lapp, Emily Parker, Samantha Winsor

Grade 3:  Helen Vamvakas, Monique Camirand, Allysun Welburn

Grade 4:  Karen Jones, Shannon Langlois, Talia Kelly

Grade 5: Ali Hopper, Karine Desharnais, Marco DeFranco

Grade 6: Talia Kelly, Miriam Serre, Fil DaSliva

Please see the August Newsletter for more information.