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Principal’s Message- March 10, 2017

Date: March 20, 2017 Author: Julie Fram-Greig Categories: Principal's Message


We have many things to celebrate in the past month:
Anouk Marks represented Wakefield School at the WQSB Concours d’Art Oratoire in February and placed second overall in the board competition. Felicitations!
Our Grade 6 Destination Imagination team represented Wakefield at the school board DI competition and placed second in the competition. Congratulations to Georgia, Holly, Liam, Samuel, Ella, Ryely and Ashby!
Many thanks to the students and parents who dropped off treats or sent in something special for Staff Appreciation week. Thanks too to PPO for organizing very special treats for staff. We appreciate the kind gestures, thank you.
Just a reminder that we are having parent-teacher interviews for Term 2 report cards. The school will be contacting only those parents for whom a meeting to discuss your child’s progress is necessary at this time. We will be scheduling these meetings on Friday, March 17th, the upcoming PD day.
Lastly, we are very excited to announce a new playground initiative called PALS- Playground Activity Leaders in Schools. PALS is a peer-led playground leadership program that encourages all children to participate in activities regardless of their gender, size, or ability. The program will benefit students by encouraging leadership schools, focusing on peer conflict resolution skills and fostering physical activity. Student leaders in Grades 4-6 apply and are chosen and then trained to lead playground games for the different recesses. Already we have started the process of finding student leaders with tremendous response. We are very excited about the possibility of this program and how it will relieve some of our playground stresses at recess- we will keep you posted on our progress! For more information, please visit the following website: health_information_for_professionals/playground_activity_leaders_in_schools___p_ _a__l__/